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CTT 8! [Aug. 12th, 2013|01:26 pm]
Walking the Thresholds

It's getting to be that time...
Registration is now open--there is a fabulous wordpress website now live at

I'd love to hear from folks, even if you can't make it, what kind of workshops and events you'd like to see more of!
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WTT 2009 Workshops are up [May. 29th, 2009|04:02 pm]
Walking the Thresholds

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Here's what we have this year:
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WtT Workshops (Continued) [Apr. 25th, 2008|11:47 am]
Walking the Thresholds


Main WtT workshops thread is now here:
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WtT links [Apr. 8th, 2008|05:47 pm]
Walking the Thresholds

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Here are some recent posts about Walking the Thresholds 11. I'll be listing these here as they occur so we can refer to them when planning workshops and such. - Walking the Thresholds Eleven (This one has a lot of comments and discussions about workshops). - Walking the Thresholds... The P.O. Box! (The PO box changed from last year) - Walking the Thresholds... The Countdown! - My post about WtT.

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WtT 2008 [Jan. 13th, 2008|07:56 pm]
Walking the Thresholds

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Dates for Walking the Thresholds 2008 are Thursday June 12 - Sunday June 15, 2008.
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WTT X pictures? [Jun. 19th, 2007|03:14 pm]
Walking the Thresholds

So, pictures?



C'mon, I know someone has at least one or two.
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You Can't Be Slick in the Woods [Jun. 11th, 2007|07:07 am]
Walking the Thresholds

Good morning,

First of all, thank you to everyone for a wonderful Thresholds X. It was wonderful to see everyone and I am deeply impressed, very proud, and extremely happy with everyone. This weekend we acted as a family should act and it was exquisite. Thanks especially go to corvaxgirl I probibly would have either walked into a wall, the river, or yes and a good portion of everyone may have gone hungry without her crazy kitchen witching skills. If you do not tell her she is awesome you are lame, but I love you anyway. The end.

Not everything went off precisely on time, but close enough for it to be a banner year for scheduling.

Next year if I end up doing the main ritual, I'll make sure to start practicing my drumming a few months before. I might even have to go to a few SCA events or take lessons or something.

There are many more people I should be specifically thanking, but it is 7AM and I am still very tired and quite sore. A sentiment I'm sure many of you share.

I'll try to post some personal details and what not on my LJ around lunch or so.

Again, thank you everyone for the best Thresholds in my memory.
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all this and a floor show too? [May. 30th, 2007|01:30 pm]
Walking the Thresholds

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Hi everyone,

I'm Deb. I was at thresholds two years ago and I know some of you. Anyways, I will be doing some of the workshops and also hosting the potluck dinner party. Details about that can be found here.

Also, I'm trying to find an energy raising chant for my cake baking workshop. Anyone have any suggestions?

hugs and fishes,
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Well, getting to go time on Thresholds...(Main Rit stuff) [May. 29th, 2007|01:25 pm]
Walking the Thresholds

Now, here's the deal. I'll be blunt.

I'm worried that if I try to plan the ritual any more than I am I'll overplan it and make it suck.

However, it has been brought to my attention that calling people's attention to the ritual and seeing where everyone is at would be a good idea, which I wholeheartedly agree with.

Also, if anyone wants to discuss the ritual personally, I'm going to be in the Maryland area this weekend for the MS Fantasy Ball.

So, where is everyone at?
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Main Ritual Outline and Request for Comments [Mar. 19th, 2007|03:53 pm]
Walking the Thresholds

Ritual Intent-
To foster a sense of community, not in the sense of multiple autonomous hearths, but in the sense of one Thresholds community. The phrase "All of my relations" coined by the Lakota Indians is very, very similar to what I envision here.

Ritual Format-
I am calling this Personal Magickal Reality Manifestation because I can't think of a better name.

Underlying theory-

The idea is that the ritual will start building up soon after people arrive at the Farm. Part of how we intend to foster community is allowing the individual to tell us how they want to help, if they want to help and facilitate that wish. We will be facilitating this through workshops on the various skills that we will use, eliciting feedback as far as what skills various people can offer, and those who are willing will be making themselves available to train people in whatever they want to do for the rit. Also, we will be having workshops explaining what other people will be doing so that, if you so wish, you can gain a better understanding of the ritual as well as "all your relations".

In brief, if you have a will, we will find a way.*

*Within reason, of course. If your special skill is mutilating puppies, I don't care how awesome it is. The answer is still no!

If you are baking bread before hand, you're part of the rit. Mask making, part of the rit, blowing bubbles and wishing us well, part of the rit, at the Faery cairn begging them not to blow us to bits, well, you get the idea.**

**It will also be requested, that if you can smell our spicy brains, you refrain from telling us.

Ritual Structure

We will have a rough, permeable three ring structure. In the outer ring will be practitioners who are primarily doing things that don't require movement(drumming, chanting, orgone generators, and so forth.

In the second ring will be "movement based" energy generation, prostrations, dance, martial arts forms, whatever you do that is movement based will be here.

In the third ring will be energy workers. Their job is to direct the energy everyone is sending up and down in a sort of fountain like plume that will go above everyone and extend as far as we can make it.

The rings are permeable, people can leave their drumming, dance, and come back to it. Just remember as you do what you do to focus your energy towards the center. Always towards the center.

Please keep in mind that this ritual is very much a work in progress. We have a very large discussion going on in my livejournal(link not added cause I suck), which you are more than welcome to partake in.
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